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So, if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram then Library Loves maybe new to you. Jess (ReadbyJess) is hosting a month of library-related goodness and she asked me to be one of her blogger co-hosts. I’ll link her announcement video here explaining all the library goodness coming in October.


The other cohosts are – go and check them out if you haven’t already:

Kate, ReadingThroughInfinity

Steph, A Little But A Lot

Rachael, Rachael Marie’s Book Journey

Olivia, Olivia’s Catastrophe

So keep an eye on their Twitters, Blogs, YouTube etc for some more Library Loves related content. But for today, I’m going to do the Library Loves book tag Jess created:

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The First Week of Third Year

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So in theory I had planned this blog post to be a collection of short paragraphs written during the evenings of my first week back at university, and that just didn’t happen for reasons I’ll get into a little later, but I’ve decided to keep in the paragraphs I did write, and then I’ll go into a summary of the week as a whole and how I am currently feeling about the last stage of this adventure.

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Some Back to University Reminders

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When this blog post goes up, I will have started my third year at university – a thought which both excites me and terrifies me in equal measures – and whilst I adore studying and all the joys university brings with it, there are a few things (some of them amazingly basic) which I still need to remind myself of even after 2 years of being at university. So, to get these things down, and in case somebody else needs to hear/read them I thought I would share a few, occasionally basic reminders for those of us adapting back to student life over the coming months.

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My Go-To Stationery for Studying/Journalling

Now we’re halfway through August, I’ve begun spending more time thinking about going back to university and all of the joys which comes with it. I’m slowly planning some posts (mainly on instagram) which should be coming your way – in September most likely – but for now I thought I’d share the main bits I use whilst at uni and shout about stationery…

I’ve split this blog post into three parts – what I use in class, what I use in my own study time and what I use for my journal etc. Obviously there’s going to be a bit of an overlap but generally speaking I can split my stationery usage/habits into these three categories. I am going to try and find links to everything if you want to have a gander at the various pens etc.

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The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry | Book Review

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Edinburgh, 1850. Despite being at the forefront of modern medicine, hordes of patients are dying all across the city, with doctors finding their remedies powerless. But it is not just the deaths that dismay the esteemed Dr James Simpson – a whispering campaign seeks to blame him for the death of a patient in suspicious circumstances.

Simpson’s protégé Will Raven and former housemaid Sarah Fisher are determined to clear their patron’s name. But with Raven battling against the dark side of his own nature, and Sarah endeavouring to expand her own medical knowledge beyond what society deems acceptable for a woman, the pair struggle to understand the cause of the deaths.

Will and Sarah must unite and plunge into Edinburgh’s deadliest streets to clear Simpson’s name. But soon they discover that the true cause of these deaths has evaded suspicion purely because it is so unthinkable.


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All the Bad Apples by Moïra Fowley-Doyle | Book Review

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When Deena’s wild and mysterious sister Mandy disappears – presumed dead – her family are heartbroken. But Mandy has always been troubled. It’s just another bad thing to happen to Deena’s family. Only Deena refuses to believe it’s true.

And then the letters start arriving. Letters from Mandy, claiming that their family’s blighted history is not just bad luck or bad decisions – but a curse, handed down through the generations. Mandy has gone in search of the curse’s roots, and now Deena must find her. What they find will heal their family’s rotten past – or rip it apart forever.

[taken from Goodreads]

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