I Don’t Like Love Stories

I have now been able to determine that the above statement is a complete and utter lie.

I am a sucker for a good ol’ love story every now and again but I do get irritated with the amount of young adult fiction which, whether it be the main plot point or not, has a love story in it.

If it is the main point of the novel that I understand but I have read perfectly good novels, with a strong plot but with what I feel is an unnecessary love story thrown into the book – if the plot point is so strong, then why bother with the love interest.

Yesterday I finished reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – an incredible read! There was so much I enjoyed within the novel, particularly the relationship created between the reader and the narrator but I found myself loving the relationship between Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre. With this, I have come to realisation that I think love stories like that are going to become a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I have plenty of chick-lit on my bookshelves and I do find myself (particularly when I’m going away) picking them up to read on a train or plane. 

So I guess the truth is that I’m irritated with the constant use of love and romance in young adult fiction whenever I walk into a bookshop but when it adds to the story, I love it. I adore it.

So, future Jem, don’t complain, look into the book and maybe try a few more love stories out, eh? 

Hello and Welcome


So this is (another) little project thing I have decided to start.

Here I will write a selection of works whether it be book reviews or my own writing or even my thoughts of particularly things that have recently occurred in my life. I’m using this as a platform to share my work and thoughts on a regular basis (hopefully.) However, unfortunately due to my life at the moment (final year in sixth form) I’m either very busy with work or extremely tired but I am determined to keep on top of this so posts will most likely come on a Sunday evening (BST)

I hope you’d like to join me on this journey and I may post tomorrow evening but if not, I will next week! 

Jem x