A Re-Reading Mission: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Thoughts


So, I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets earlier this week and this also means that I am two sevenths into my re-reading mission. I was pleasantly surprised at the details I had forgotten about this book, especially as it is a relatively short read like Philosopher’s Stone.

I have also noted that reading the books again are revealing some things that most likely had an affect in the way characters act and behave in Cursed Child, which I have no doubt I will be referencing but with no major story spoilers. I’m beginning to feel like these are going to be reviews which hold observations I have made rather than any detailed analysis of the writing and the story. Anyway, I have my notebook by my side and a cup of tea, let’s get onto my thoughts and observations…

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A Re-Reading Mission: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Thoughts


So I very quickly finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as it is a relatively short book and there were actually a fair few things that I have forgotten from my first read through. However, I still found the story enjoyable and here’s a little review.

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A Re-Reading Misson

I have decided to re-read a very popular series. A series the majority of people, I know, have read or at the very least are familiar with…

The Harry Potter series.

I first read the series a few years ago but last weekend I watched Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre and I’ve been very keen to read the original series since, especially as I’m sure there are details that I failed to pick up on the first time round. The developments that are revealed in Cursed Child will also make my second reading particularly interesting.

After each read I am planning to write a review type post for each to put up here but as I read you can follow my progress on my Goodreads account. I have started Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and I’m getting through it rather quickly but it may take me a few days to gather my thoughts coherently into a blog post.

I am extremely excited to get back into this magical series, no matter who the intended audience is. I am currently going through what could be described as a Harry Potter phase, so I’m going to lap up all the magic I can and once again, welcome myself to Hogwarts…