Benefits of Re-Reading


If you’ve been reading this blog for a few months, you’ll know that earlier this year I re-read the Harry Potter series after my trip to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and as I did, I wrote up a gathering of thoughts for each book, which can be found under my book reviews tab. However, I did find the experience of re-reading all seven books beneficial for me as a reader and as a fan of the series and I thought I’d share some of those benefits with you…

Opinions change and develop – Honestly, this sounds like quite an obvious point to make but my opinions on particular characters in the series/books I have re-read have changed and through rereading have been somewhat solidified. I definitely feel as though my opinions on the books I have re-read are justified, especially as some of my opinions are sometimes different to the majority and I need some reassurance that they are valid. I’ve also not enjoyed books in the past, only to be told that it’s likely I’ll enjoy them more as I get a little older. One of the things in life, I adore is the fact that opinions can and do change as we become experienced and re-reading something is a great way of demonstrating that. 

Acting as a Reminder – This somewhat ties into my previous point but re-reading quite simply acts a reminder of a story. I’m not a person who can remember every detail of anything (even something I adore) so it’s always nice to be reminded of little details of a story. During my re-read of Harry Potter, there were complete scenes which I had forgotten which are now some of my favourite in the series.

Re-reading is an easier experience – I say this because when I re-read a book I find myself feeling as though I’m not trying to follow the basic plot of a book and therefore ignoring the smaller details in the book. I will admit that the plot of Harry Potter is so well-known that this was easier anyway but there are SO MANY details which I picked up that I just hadn’t before, therefore strengthening my understanding of the story.

It’s quite simply comforting – When returning to a series/book that I love, I feel like it is obvious to say that as a reader I feel comfortable, reading a familiar story – I am aware that this is an obvious cliché.  However, as an avid reader there’s nothing better than allowing myself to be totally immersed in a book and I definitely find that a little more natural when I am returning to a familiar world.

These points are just my personal response after doing a far bit of re-reading over the last few months (other than just the Harry Potter series) and I actively encourage anyone reading to give a favourite book a re-read. On one hand, you could fall in love with a book all over again but on the other, you may have different opinions now (which isn’t a bad thing!) so honestly, I don’t think you have too much to lose. 



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