A Collection of Thoughts on: Nature

nature heading

After being away from home for a week, I’ve had a lot of time to think (dangerous, I know.) I’ve been staying relatively close to the coast and I’ve spent a fair few hours a day (including a rocky boat trip) thinking about nature and my responses to it.

So, nature. Most commonly described by the people surrounding me as “beautiful” or “picturesque” and whilst I agree with that, I tend to focus on something which I find as fascinating and to an extent, beautiful.

For me personally, it’s impossible to ignore that nature is dangerous – in fact, its deadly. We stand in awe of it but it could easily turn on us and it has turned on us in the past, no doubt it will turn on us in the future. Take the ocean; I love water and the sea. I’m pretty happy when I’m standing watching the waves but when in a boat on those waves, I’m terrified. However, these aspects of natures beauty is heartrendingly cruel as it has taken numerous lives throughout the years but it acts as a harsh reminder.


Even the smaller things around us are essentially deadly to us if we’re not careful. Namely, plants. Even the plants that grow in our gardens and on our riverbanks are poisonous and ultimately could kill us if we’re not careful. Even the small and the beautiful can act as a harsh reminder sometimes.


A reminder that nature is a lot bigger and powerful than we are. A reminder that maybe we should take notice of our world around us. A reminder that we don’t own our countrysides, our seas, our mountains and everything in-between. A reminder that we are owned by them.

I honestly wouldn’t put it past nature to turn on humankind any day without a warning. Don’t get me wrong, I adore nature and yes its beautiful but my favourite thing about it (rather oddly) is that it could destroy me at any moment.



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