July 2017 Wrap-Up


In the first half of the month of July, I read at quite a speed racing through more books than I expected but unfortunately due to being away and such, my reading slowed down by a considerable amount. Despite that, I’ve decided that I will share some brief thoughts on the books I did manage to read in the month of July…


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This was the final book in the Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab and it honestly it solidified the series as one of my new favourites. I adored the story and the characters – I pretty much enjoyed and loved everything about this book. I highly recommend that if you’re looking for a different kind of fantasy you read this – it’s worth it.

June 2017 TBR


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If I could only use one word to summarise this book, I would use the word ‘relevant.’ Although this book was published almost seventy-years ago, it’s almost painfully relevant to 2017. It had been a classic which I had wanted to read for years and I’m so glad I finally did. Although I found the world-building at the beginning of the book a little slow, the rest of the story is so powerful.

June 2017 TBR


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I decided I wanted to educate myself in mythology and so found myself buying and reading this. I’ll admit it wasn’t the most thrilling read but I found it interesting nonetheless. You may notice that I didn’t rate this as I felt as though it’s not my place to rate or review something such as mythology. However, if you want to have a Greek mythology book on stand-by, this one is probably pretty good.

June 2017 TBR


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A couple of years ago, I began re-reading this series and I got as far as this book, so I’ve decided to try to slowly carry on. As this was a re-read and the fifth book in a series I didn’t bother writing a review. The Skulduggery Pleasant series however, is one of my favourite series so yes, I do recommend it if it’s something you might enjoy!

June 2017 TBR


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As I mentioned in my full review for this, I enjoyed the premise of this book but it turned out to be something that I really didn’t expect and that honestly shook my up as a bit as a reader. The writing and the characters are all agreeable but the plot was a little bit disappointing for me personally but I’m not going to say it’s a must read.

June 2017 TBR


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If you’re looking for a cute yet eerie retelling of a fairy tale this might be a good way to go. This is the first retelling I’ve read and I enjoyed the story and the writing style but I wasn’t blown away. It’s definitely a different retelling and I enjoyed it. Due to the accessible writing style I do want to try some of Flinn’s other retellings despite Towering not being life-changing.

And that is what I read in the month of July. I have a handful of books I want to get read soon but I’m not going to commit to a TBR for August because my feelings may change. I hope everyone had a good July! Let me know your favourite book of the month in the comments!



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