A Couple of Recent Surprises


As you probably well know by now, most of the reading I do at the moment is for my university and therefore, I do not really have a choice in what I read. Thus far, I haven’t felt as though the books that I’ve read are worth mentioning on this blog. However, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve read a couple of books which have captured my interest a little more than the others and this is mainly because I wouldn’t have picked them up off my own back. So, I decided to share these with you here…

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A Reading Update | Lack of Reading and Changing Tastes


You may have noticed that in the months of September and October, I didn’t post a wrap-up, and there was a severe lack of book reviews and that is quite simply because I barely read. Ever since getting started at university, I’m either been working, or putting off work.

Now, the course that I am doing is an English-based course but for the books I started studying in October, I read earlier in the summer so I was ahead. Unfortunately, I have not been keeping ahead and now I have less than a week to finish two books and a play. So I am naturally beginning to pick up the pace with my reading and I am beginning to get my way through some books. I do have a shelf with books that aren’t related to my course to read if/when I have some time but honestly with the amount of reading I have to do for the course, when it comes to spare time, I’d rather do anything but read.

The other main point of this update is that I am trying to make a conscious effort to change my reading taste. I’m trying to move away from YA fiction and venture in further when it comes to classics. Obviously I still have plenty of YA on my shelves that I haven’t read and I’ll either read them or give them to a charity shop if I don’t have the urge to read them anymore. However, any purchases I make in the future will likely not be a YA books unless it’s one I genuinely really want to read or it’s gifted to me.ย 

If you’re interested, the books that I am currently reading are: Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell, Silent Spring by Rachel Carsonย and the play Endgame by Samuel Beckett.

I know this post has been short but hopefully I’ll be back with a longer post next week!