My Life in Books Tag


Hello! I haven’t a lot of time this week to think or write-up a blog post but I really wanted to get something up while I have a little bit of time to type. I’ve also been at home this weekend, so I’ve had access to all of my books which couldn’t make it to university with me. So, I decided to do a little book tag.

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The Books I’ve Taken to University


I’ve made it to university! (Yay!) By the time this post is published I would have been at university for about a week. Over the last week, I’ve been fairly quiet online because I’ve been settling in and getting to know the new people around me but thankfully I’ve found a some time to write a blog post. So, I’ve decided to list the books that I’ve brought to university to read when I have a free space on my currently reading list.

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My Favourite Summer Reads of 2017


If you’ve read my wrap-ups for July and August, you’ll probably know that the books I’ve read over the summer have been rather enjoyable for me. I honestly don’t think any of them have earned themselves a rating which was under two stars. However, some books have really stuck in my mind and have become firm favourites of mine now. I feel like if you follow me on my bookstagram account some of these books will not come as a surprise but here, in no particular order, are my favourite books of summer 2017…

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August 2017 Wrap-Up


I think it would be fair to say that I raced through book in August. I am genuinely impressed with the number of books I read this month and that was definitely helped by the fact that I had a few days without Wi-Fi which meant I spent a lot of my evenings reading. Anyway, all of the books that I read this month I enjoyed – admittedly some more than others but here are some brief thoughts that I read in August.

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