Review Policy

As you may have seen with my re-read posts, I tend to give a little fact file with information about the book in. Usually, the details stated will be relevant to the edition that I own/have read.
For example,

Goodreads Link | Book Depository Link

Here the publisher and the pages I refer to are relevant to this specific edition of the book, which is also the edition with the book cover displayed with the post. I will generally put the date of when the book was first published as I feel as though that is more relevant. As usual I will also add the links to both the Goodreads page and to the Book Depository, if you wanted to add it to your Goodreads list or wanted to buy it, however often this will be different to the edition I read, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

When it comes to review books, I will tend to add the blurb from the back of the book in italics. If I choose to write the summary taken from Goodreads, I will try my best to remember to state this.

I generally do not give out 5 star reviews yet I also very rarely give one star, so I’m going to try and explain coherently what my ratings means.

5 stars – A new favourite book. I have found very few, if any faults within the book. I enjoy the plot, characters and writing style and will probably recommend it to everyone I meet.

4 stars – Still good, but not a favourite. It’s likely that I have a few little problems with the writing style or plot but nothing too major. It’s still, definitely, worth a read.

3 stars – It’s alright. I wasn’t blown away but still enjoyed what the author put in. If a writing style is poor and I don’t get on with it, it is likely to end up here. Same applies if I find the book problematic regarding a plot point etc.

2 stars – If a book is placed here, it is likely that I have had some issues with the book but mainly because I feel that I didn’t get out what the author put into the book but I can still appreciate it. Basically, this book is just not for me.

1 star – I will probably place a book here if I did not finish it or I have huge problems with the book that I just cannot shake off. Basically, I do not like it and would not recommend to anyone.

Whenever I feel it is important to, I will put warnings on books for things such as abuse as I am aware that this can benefit a lot of people in society. Before doing so, I will look around to see what others thought of the book and reviews to see if similar warnings have been put on. If I put a warning on, I can imagine that it will earn itself a lower rating, especially if issues within the story have not been handled well.